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From RGB ES <>
Subject Default values on Writer
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2012 21:36:49 GMT
AOO 3.4 release notes(1) show that Impress and Draw will have changes
on its default values so I'm wondering if it is possible to change
some defaults on Writer too...

== Context sensitive toolbars ==

Context sensitive toolbars are a really useful feature but new users
tend to not like them because by default they appear on not so useful
places... like on top of the table you are trying to edit. IMHO,
anchoring by default those toolbars on the bottom of the window will
give better user experience.

== Autocorrect options ==

There are several autocorrect options that create confusion among new
(and not so new) users. If you scan the community forums you will see
many people asking how to deactivate autonumbering, how to delete
strange lines that appear after the user typed some dashes or why the
paragraph style changed after they hit Enter twice (that one happens,
to increase the confusion, only when you are using Predefined as
paragraph style...).

After answering lots of question on different OOo boards for several
years now, I firmly believe that the following option under Tools →
AutoCorrect options → Options tab should be *disabled* by default:

- Apply numbering - symbol
- Apply border
- Apply Styles
- Replace Custom Styles
- Replace bullets with
- Combine single line paragraphs if length greater than

(I also disable "url recognition" and "automatic *bold* and
_underline_"... but that's just me ;) ).

== Word Completion ==

Another useful feature that annoys users because of a bad default.

By default the suggestion is presented "in-line". This have a serious
problem if you are editing text in the middle of a paragraph: the text
will jump every time a new suggestion is presented and that's really
annoying when you are near the line edge because the word you are
typing will jump to the next line before its time... in fact, if you
do not accept the suggestion there is a possibility that the word will
return to the previous line. This continuous jumping to and fro is not

Checking under Tools → AutoCorrect Options → Word Completion tab the
option "Show as a tip" provides a far better user experience and make
it more clear that this is a suggestion and not something imposed by

== Toolbar buttons ==

Do we need a Zoom button when we have a nice Zoom toolbar bottom right
on the window?

Does "normal people" use data sources enough to justify a toolbar
button by default? Of course that's an important option for many
people but people who use advanced option like databases will for sure
be able to add a button if they need it so why the option is there by


These are the most important items, I think. Of course there are other
places where defaults can be changed: for example the bibliographic
index that under "Article" do not show the magazine name...

What do you think?




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