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From Claudio Filho <>
Subject Re: AOOo in Debian/Ubuntu (Was: Re: /usr/bin/
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2012 11:46:05 GMT
Hi Bjoern

2012/1/13 Bjoern Michaelsen <>:
> Thats not true. I do work on that too as is Lionel Elie Mamane and sometimes
> Matthias Klose (for ARM). Rene is clearly the final judge on contributions and
> changes to LibreOffice packaging on Debian as he is doing an excellent job there.

Absolutely! I agree with you that René doing an excellent work and he
knows all inside the OOo/LibO packaging process!

What i (try) say is that we have a small number of people envolved in
this process. As you said, are 3 people for a *big* project. Think
this 3 people looking *two* bigs projects. IMO, I can't see how.

IMHO, we need more people that know the debian package process to
maintain AOOo inside Debian.

if I maintain a package and its project forked in two, i should choice
one branch too. I think that is impossible maintain two enormous
packages like AOOo and LibO.

And, when Debian drop a package, generally all derivated distros drop
too. See the case of Java. Debian dropped java and Ubuntu some days
ago. Now, Oracle's Java for ubuntu users only through a ppa

And please, my focus is on the lack of people, and not who does the work.


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