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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Default values on Writer
Date Sun, 29 Jan 2012 20:47:47 GMT
On 22/01/2012 RGB ES wrote:
> == Context sensitive toolbars ==
> Context sensitive toolbars are a really useful feature but new users
> tend to not like them because by default they appear on not so useful
> places... like on top of the table you are trying to edit. IMHO,
> anchoring by default those toolbars on the bottom of the window will
> give better user experience.

Yes. Even better would be anchoring them on the right hand side, but the 
page will redraw when they move out of the object... Anyway, I agree 
that toolbars that get in the way are a common annoyance for users, so 
they should be anchored by default.

> == Autocorrect options ==
> There are several autocorrect options that create confusion among new
> (and not so new) users.

On this one I'm less sure: there are probably as many (if not more) 
users who do rely on these features, and if we disbale them by default 
we will see a lot of requests on how to enable them.

Probably the only one that can be safely considered annoying is Number 
Recognition in tables.

> == Word Completion ==
> ... Checking under Tools → AutoCorrect Options → Word Completion tab the
> option "Show as a tip" provides a far better user experience and make
> it more clear that this is a suggestion and not something imposed by
> Writer.

Indeed, this one should really be changed for better usability.

> == Toolbar buttons ==
> Do we need a Zoom button when we have a nice Zoom toolbar bottom right
> on the window?

Well, not everybody is familiar with the slider, and I don't find it so 

> What do you think?

Better defaults are indeed low-hanging fruits that can make the 
difference in usability. If we have consensus in changing at least the 
items listed here, this would already be nice.


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