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From TJ Frazier <>
Subject Re: [CODE]: "Registration..." menu entry in the Help menu
Date Sat, 28 Jan 2012 22:33:50 GMT
Hi, all! Comments in-line.

On 1/28/2012 14:23, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> If the welcome document is stored locally in the installation
> locally, having it as an ODT might work.
> It does mean that translations will be required.
> Opening of a web page has the advantage of being able to adapt to
> browser language settings on a server and also being able to update
> the document over time.  The URL could also be release- specific
> (which would allow further customization).
> I think it is also important to consider the threat surface of both
> approaches, especially if the document will be opened or the URL
> fetched under the privileges of the install process.
> - Dennis
> PS: I suppose this is also an area that might be subject to
> distribution-specific customization, including in-enterprise
> distributions.
@Dennis:  all good points to keep in mind, but please also keep in mind 
that the same work has to be done for a welcome in a doc or on a web 
page (customize, translate, &c.). We have lots of folks who can do that 
in Writer ...

> -----Original Message----- From: Kay Schenk
> [] Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2012 09:37
> To: Subject: Re: [CODE]:
> "Registration..." menu entry in the Help menu
> On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 8:02 AM, Rob Weir<>
> wrote: [ ... ]
>> The closest to registration that we might have is to encourage the
>> user to sign up for the ooo-announce list.  But this is just one
>> of several things we want to tell the user.  Maybe after install
>> we automatically launch a web page, or even load an ODF document,
>> with content like:
>> -- Welcome message from the project -- Highlights of the release,
>> link to detailed release notes -- Where to for documentation --
>> Where to go for support -- Extensions and templates informations --
>> Invitation / Instructions on joining ooo-announce mailing list --
>> Links to official social media, our blog. Google+, Twitter,
>> Facebook, etc.
>> If we do this in ODF format, as a document, then we can also use it
>> as a quick demonstration of the capabilities of the editor, showing
>> a really good looking, well formatted document, etc.  A good first
>> experience for the user.
> +1
> I like this proposal a LOT! We tell them something interesting and
> we don't have to maintain any additional DBs. Much less hassle in the
> long run! :) So simple, and yet so good!
+1 also. A three-bang good idea!!! Some more thoughts:
* Store the doc as writable, so the user can make changes. Empowerment.
* Turn on the Record Changes feature (mention this in the doc), and 
solicit advice from the users as to what is helpful, what is not, and 
what would be helpful.

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