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From Raphael Bircher <>
Subject Re: [BUILD]: current status about the build bots?
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2012 13:10:02 GMT
Am 26.01.12 13:47, schrieb Jürgen Schmidt:
> On 1/26/12 12:19 PM, Raphael Bircher wrote:
>> Am 26.01.12 08:53, schrieb Jürgen Schmidt:
>>> On 1/26/12 3:03 AM, Andrew Rist wrote:
>>>> On 1/25/2012 2:04 AM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I am not sure if I am the only one but I would like to know where we
>>>>> are with the build-bots on Windows, MacOS, Linux 32 bit, ??
>>>> We are waiting on infrastructure. There seems to be a hardware 
>>>> issue on
>>>> the Mac buildbot.
>>>> Otherwise we are waiting in the queue. There has been some work 
>>>> done on
>>>> the Windows buildbot.
>>>> In addition, I believe we have the 'recipe' for building each of the
>>>> platforms complete (and Solaris, too)
>>>> All of these have been requested, and acknowledged, although until
>>>> lately infra has been more focused on other AOO priorities.
>>>> Added note: Gavin has been out - he is the buildbot guru, and will
>>>> probably be the one working on it. Hopefully this is reasonably 
>>>> high on
>>>> the list of things to do.
>>> hopefully, but I would like to repeat again my offer for any kind of
>>> help. Or maybe others are also interested to help.
>> As I know, help here is reserved for infrastructure commiters. As non
>> Infrastructur commiter you can get accass to a VM, like our wiki VM or
>> our Forum VM. But you will not get access to the Apache main
>> infrastructure. So we can't realy help there.
>> Therefor I think, it's important to have same build mashine (who are
>> able to do release build) outside ASF. I'm not sure if the ASF Buildbot
>> is designed for release builds. Remember, the Mac Buildbot is down now
>> for over a month. So it looks like build boots has not so a hight
>> priority for aviability at the ASF. I don't know how this is handled by
>> other projects. There is also a other problem. OOo has a realy complex
>> build system. Smaller projects can maybe switch to a other mashine
>> without problems. We cannot realy do this. Setup a new build box AND
>> make good builds is a taff work at AOO.
> well I think that can not or shouldn't be an excuse. We can work on 
> this and can improve the build process.
> On the other hand such problems can be addressed when we know more 
> details ...
> In any case more information would be helpful. And joining the 
> infrastructure project should be also possible or not?
Sure, join the mailing list and hang around in the IRC Channel of the 
infrastructure project. You will find same name who are familiar for 
you. But with joining the infra project you are not a commiter to the 
project. Infra is carefully in this area, and that's good. This change 
if sameone of us is Infra commiter.

Greetings Raphael
> Juergen
>>>>> Would it be possible to provide any information where we are and if
>>>>> any help is necessary or appreciated.
>>>> Once the buildbots are in place, we can control the specifics of each
>>>> build fairly easily. I also have some ideas in this area, in terms of
>>>> varying the builds (and potentially creating a weekly dev snapshot
>>>> build) Also, note that this bots are part of a pretty big system of
>>>> automated bots, and that setting them up is more complex than just
>>>> standing up a vm with an OS image.
>>> I believe that the bot system is more complex and need some deeper
>>> knowledge but if volunteers have the knowledge or are willing to
>>> learn, it can be only of help for the infra structure people.
>>>>> I think it would be at least helpful to put some minimal information
>>>>> in our release overview plan [1]. But would be to have wiki page
>>>>> documenting the necessary information.
>>>> We can ping infra for this.
>>>>> At the moment it is more or less impossible to understand where we 
>>>>> are
>>>>> and where help is necessary.
>>>> understandable.
>>>> Once we have the buildbots in place this will be more under our 
>>>> control.
>>> that's good to hear
>>> Juergen
>>>>> Juergen (with my hat of a release manager ;-) )
>>>> Andrew (wearing my buildbotter hat ;-))
>>>>> [1]


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