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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: bIsInside (a Rectangle)
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 12:08:35 GMT
Hi Eric,

I assume that you mean PresenterGeometryHelper::IsInside().  It is 
defined for ::com::sun::star::geometry::RealRectangle2D and 
::com::sun::star::awt::Rectangle, and the respective point types.  These 
UNO structures are just that, data structures, not classes with their 
own methods.

So in order to do something with them, you can
a) convert the rectangles into a class, eg from basegfx, or
b) just write the operation down.

I chose the later because a) may have lead to even more code.

But in general you are right.  We have to many versions of certain 
classes/structs.  At least two types of rectangles alone in the UNO API. 
  More string classes than I care to remember.

Cleaning this up would be a good thing.


On 24.01.2012 11:55, eric b wrote:
> Hi,
> Hacking the Presenter Screen (trying to implement the Presentation timer
> reset because I need it), I found yet another definition of bIsInside
> [an area, a rectangle]. I know there is a similar definition in tools
> (gen.hxx) and using Opengrok, I found other places where IsInside a
> given [rR]ectangle is defined. e.g. : sw/source/core/bastyp/swrect.cxx,
> reportdesign/source/core/sdr/RptObject.cxx ... and so on.
> Reading the gen.cxx implementation, I have some doubts (strange
> rectangle with inverted axes), but is there a good reason to repeat the
> same definition several times in the code ? What about factorize and
> simplify that ? e.g. we could propose a list of tasks for newcomers,
> reserved to people who want to discover Apache OpenOffice source code ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Eric Bachard

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