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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: i18nregexp replaced with ICU regexp => heads up
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2012 07:44:16 GMT
>>> For the specific example of the RE-extension "\<" the more common syntax
>>> for it is "\b" and that is also understood by almost all regex engines
>>> including the ones used in old and new OOo.
>> We should keep this in mind for the release notes and should update the
>> docu, help as soon as possible
> I tried to add a paragraph summarizing this thread to the Release Notes:

Looks good, thanks.

FYI, I'm also considering to extend the ICU regexp matcher with the 
bracket extension mentioned above if there is a chance that it gets into 
upstream ICU.

There are good reasons that speak against it like
- the \< \> extension is unusual for a regexp engine
- the \< for word start matching is already available in its more common 
form \b
- the \> for word end matching can often be replaced by \W
- backslash escaping of non-ASCII characters should preferably be 
literal escaping

On the other hand the older regexp dialect which has the bracket 
extension has been available in many releases of OOo and we would like 
to make the migration to AOO as smooth as possible.


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