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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject [RELEASE]: help wanted to define default dictionaries for languages
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 14:45:07 GMT

[based on the assumption that we get the approval to bundle the 
dictionaries/thesaurus with our binary releases]

I am not really familiar with thwe dictionaries/thesaurus and would like 
to ask for help to define a list of default dictionaries/thesaurus for 
each language if possible.

Based on this list we have to work on a mechanism to include the 
dictionaries in our binary releases.

I think about a simple list where we define the default dictionary for 
each language. Something like

de -> (German (de-DE frami) dictionaries),, <name of 
download file>
de-DE -> (German (de-DE frami) dictionaries),, <name of 
download file>
de-AT -> (German (de-AT frami) dictionaries), link not available- 
network error, <name of download file>
de-CH ->  (German (de-CH frami) dictionaries),, <name of 
download file>
en -> (English dictionaries with fixed dash handling and new ligature 
and phonetic suggestion support),, <name of 
download file>
en-US -> (US English Spell Checking Dictionary),, <name of the 
download file>


[this example list is based on wild guessing and browsing the available 
dictionaries in the ext repo, ]

I propose that we collect this list in the wiki first and prepare later 
on a simple text file that we can check-in in svn for the build process. 
As place for the wiki page I suggest a sub-page under 
with the name "Bundled Default Language Tools" or so.

We need also a volunteer who analyze the mechanism to include these 
extensions in our binary releases ...

Does this make sense or does anybody have a better idea how to move 
forward with this?


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