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From "O.Felka" <>
Subject Re: Java 7 and Apache OpenOffice
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2012 12:06:34 GMT
Am 15.01.2012 01:46, schrieb Ariel Constenla-Haile:
> Hi there,
> On Sat, Jan 14, 2012 at 09:36:34AM +0100, O.Felka wrote:
>>>> I'm using this Office
>>>> on WinXP - SP3.
>>>> Regards,Ok, without an official AOO build QA work is nonsense. It makes no
sense to jumpp from developer playground A to developer build b to c to see if something is
>>>> Olaf
>>> I'm using
>>> Regards,
>>> Zoltan
>> Ok, I see.
>> Without an official AOO build QA work is nonsense.
> I tend to disagree here. It seems you're not subscribed to the issues
> mailing list ( Many issues
> have been discovered (and even solved) since we started providing builds
> for testing purposes.

I'm writing about AOO and Java 7 (see subject).

> Calling this a nonsense is underestimating the efforts of people doing the
> build, people doing the QA (Regina, Reizinger, Oliver, et. al.), and
> people solving the issues.
> Just to quote an example, Regina's work testing the new SVG
> implementation is remarkable, and I'm sure Armin appreciates it.

This example doesn't fit. I've you've watched the issue 
( and this thread 
you'll see that I've been told to try
That's not the same as the work of Regina and Armin.

> Facts have shown that builds are useful, we have volunteers willing to
> help QAing, so we should keep providing them until we have official weekly
> Developer Snapshots.
> That said, I agree that the situation is suboptimal, but we do not have
> buildboots for all platforms yet.
>> It makes no sense
>> to jump from developer playground A to developer build b to c to see
>> if something is fixed or not.
> Back to the present issue, as I wrote in the bug, we have to split:
> a) this issue, detect JRE 7.0 version
> b) issues with things that don't work with JRE 7
> For (b), please open new bug reports of the kind "[java 7] XXX does not work"
> or the like. And set them as blockers for i118352 when/if they are
> confirmed.

And I wrote that this are two sides of one medal. Fixing a) without b) 
is senseless. So it has to be fixed in one go.


> Regards

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