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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: AOOo in Debian/Ubuntu (Was: Re: /usr/bin/
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2012 15:31:59 GMT

On 13.01.2012 15:37, Bjoern Michaelsen wrote:
> Hi Andre,
> On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 02:54:27PM +0100, Andre Fischer wrote:
>> I can accept "longwinding release cycles" but not "slow developement
>> velocity".  After all Sun/Oracle has been the biggest contributor
>> for OpenOffice.  LibreOffice is still integrating features made by
>> Sun/Oracle (it has just been a month or two since my new Impress
>> slide sorter turned up in LibreOffice.)
> Sorry, that wasnt meant to be derogative. I think we can agree upon Sun/Oracle
> being quite a bit more conservative wrt to how to implement changes, which
> resulted in a higher overhead to get features completed.

Yes, as well as a higher code quality.

> A more aggressive use
> of the developer resources available to Sun/Oracle would have allowed much
> faster progress.

I disagree.  The same number of people would not have written more code. 
  Of course, we could have released more often, but in the long run we 
would have produced the same amount of features and bug fixes.

>> You are right that our old release process was not the best.  Still,
>> I would choose friendlier words.
> I do not intend to offend the developers involved. But the fact that the *.deb
> files published the OOo website were rarely downloaded and didnt even install
> without some major tweaking on default installs show that *nix packaging was
> never a priority at OOo.

This may be one reason but it is certainly not the only one.  OpenOffice 
is (today in the form of LibreOffice) included in all major Linux 
distributions.  There is no need for the average user to download and 
install it again.

>> Well, no.  After all, is not dead.  It just got a new home.
> The project is dead, the trademark obviously survived as it is
> currently owned by a different project with a different name:
> Apache OpenOffice (Incubating)

Again, I disagree.  Oracle gave the source code to the Apache Foundation 
to continue work on OpenOffice.  Some time ago we at Apache voted on a 
name change and to drop the .org.  But Apache has taken over the 
original code, the infrastructure, and a part of the community.  So I 
personally think of OpenOffice under the ASF to be the continuation of 
OpenOffice under Oracle.

And there is a lot of work going on to produce the first release of 
Apache OpenOffice, which will likely attract more people to join the 
Apache community.


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