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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: Category-B tarballs in SVN (was Re: External libraries)
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2012 08:44:45 GMT
On 12.01.2012 20:59, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
> --- Gio 12/1/12, Rob Weir<>  ha scritto:
> ...
>> If you look carefully, you'll see that SVN, via the website
>> stuff that is now there, has tons of content now that is in
>> incompatible licenses, in the form of GPL and other licensed
>> documentation.  Ditto for the wiki.  Ditto for extensions site.
>>    These are all hosted by the Apache, on behalf of the project,
>> but they are not part of our releases.  Are you saying SVN
>> must be cleaned of all of that, even if it is not part of our
>> releases?
> I certainly had understood the policy for website, Wiki and
> even the extensions site is that we shouldn't be hosting
> copyleft content. There might be a transitory situation during
> incubation and some things are still to be decided but even you
> have clearly stood in the position where any new content in the
> Wiki, etc should be under AL2.
>> I'm happy to have someone review the issue, if you can
>> state what the policy issue is.  I simply don't see any
>> problem here.  We're not including category-b source code
>> in our release, period.
> I am really not going into this discussion with you again.
> I think the issue is very easy to resolve: drop the
> tarballs from SVN and provide sufficient instructions so
> that the people doing the builds can download the tarballs
> themselves: we even have nice "" script to
> do just that.

I am not quite sure that I understand the problem here.
Would it be OK to move the category-b tar balls to eg SourceForge or 
Google and just adapt the URL in the ooo.lst file?


> Pedro.

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