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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Copyright statements and some other stuff
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 11:29:50 GMT

I have some stuff that I would like to discuss before we release a 3.4 
and to move forward with related changes

1. Copyright statements
We have several places where we define variables containing copyright 
statements. Most often they are set to

copyright = "1999-2010 by Oracle" or similar or
copyright = "1999-2009 by"

Do we want or have to change this to something like "2011 Apache 
Software Foundation"?

2. Vendor
We have also several places where we define the vendor to "Oracle" or 

I would change this to "Apache Software Foundation"

The vendor can be changed also by the configure swtich --with-vendor

3. Values in
The main/solenv/inc/ contains several values that have influence 
on several places.

For example the name of the download files, the content of the About 
dialog, etc.

The value are current:

I think we should define new values and the question is how we want to 
use this values.

I would propose the following for the short term:

RSCVERSION=340 -> we keep this for now because are working on an AOO 3.4 
and we will change it when we work on 4.0 or 3.4.1 accordingly

RSCREVISION=340m1(Build:9584) -> here i am not sure how we should handle 
this. We have currently no similar build process that we had in the 
past. I would propose a value like "340 (Rev.: r1230461)" where we 
change the revision number dynamically.

BUILD -> don't have a good idea yet
LAST_MINOR -> the same, I haven't a good idea yet.

More analysis is necessary to understand where this is used and if we 
still need it.

SOURCEVERSION=AOO340 -> here I would simply change the first "O" to "A" 
to make clear that we work on the AOO sources

Any comments or ideas?


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