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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: ld: gold vs bfd
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2012 17:03:22 GMT
On 11.01.2012 17:24, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
> This is likely to have positive effects on the FreeBSD
> port. Maho had a change in order to build vcl (attached)
> that I was afraid to commit previously.
> No idea if it still applies or is required.

It should still be possible to apply the patch, but now there may be a 
more elegant way to do it.  However, I would need more information to 
say for sure (what are the actual build problems?).

Maybe you or Maho can try to build vcl with my changes?  If it still 
does not work or shows new problems then maybe I can help (at least I am 
willing to try :-)


> cheers,
> Pedro.
> --- Mer 11/1/12, Andre Fischer<>  ha scritto:
> ...
>> I have submitted issue 118769 for
>> this bug [1], and fixed it by changing
>> the order in which libraries and object files are listed on
>> the gbuild
>> linker command line.  I do not expect problems with
>> this approach,
>> because the modified order is the same one that is used by
>> the dmake
>> build system.  Although the actual changes may still
>> contain errors: I
>> tested them on Linux, Windows, and MacOSX but not on
>> Solaris, OS/2, or
>> Windows/Cygwin.
>> Please see the issue comments for more details.
>> If somebody points out to me the proper place in the Wiki
>> then I will
>> document my changes of the gbuild system.  I have yet
>> to find
>> documentation about its inner workings.  So far I have
>> only found
>> information on how to use it.
>> Regards,
>> Andre
>> [1]
>> On 21.12.2011 17:50, Andre Fischer wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I ran into a problem with a Linux build. On Ubuntu
>> (both 32bit and
>>> 64bit) linking of comphelper failed
>>> with a lot of unresolved references. With the help of
>> Herbert I could
>>> solve this by using a different linker.
>>> Instead of ld.bfd I used and could build
>> comphelper and the rest
>>> of OpenOffice.
>>> On Fedora this seems to work out of the box.
>>> I am now working on CoinMP (the lp_solve replacement).
>> It builds without
>>> problems on Windows and
>>> Mac but has linker errors on Linux. Eventually I found
>> that going back
>>> to ld.bfd solved this problem.
>>> Has anybody else experienced problems with the
>> linker?
>>> Does anybody on this list have a deeper understanding
>> of the Linux
>>> linkers and can explain
>>> what is going on and how to better solve it?
>>> Any help is much appreciated.
>>> Andre

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