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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Extensions hosting
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 09:32:37 GMT
On 04/01/2012 Roberto Galoppini wrote:
> 2012/1/4 J├╝rgen Schmidt:
>> We should keep in mind that for many extension developers it's probably ok
>> to create a SF, GoogleCode or whatever project to host the extension code
>> and the binary. But i believe that there are also many developers who simply
>> want to put there macro collection in an extension container with the
>> necessary meta data and want share it with others. Means they simply want to
>> upload it for broader availability without creating their own project or the
>> necessity to have their own webspace for hosting the binary extension.
> The SourceForge proposed solution would support this in exactly the
> way the current system does

Perfect, and this addresses one of my few concerns with the (otherwise 
good, in my opinion) proposal from SourceForge. So it would possible to 
just upload an extension/template without turning it into a SF project.

> First, what we're proposing in the short term is to migrate and
> stabilize the current drupal instance using the Secure
> Project Web infrastructure.   This would give selected members of the
> team SSH access to the server space where it's hosted, and full access
> to both the code and database content.

Sounds good. The stabilization phase can be done anywhere, but as Rob 
wrote if we cannot keep the current repository as part of the project 
anyway, it makes sense to do it as part of a larger effort.

> Middle term we would love to work with you to have this site become
> the center of a federated extensions community.

Again nice, but here I have a few issues:

1) The proposed Drupal 5 to Drupal 7 migration would indeed yield, if 
done properly, a "template site" that can be installed anywhere with the 
same capabilities. Would it be possible to design it so that as a result 
we have a ready-to-deploy "extension repository" website, under a proper 
free license, that can be installed in several places? This has partly 
been covered in other parts of the thread, but the key point here is to 
design the site to be flexible from the beginning: for example, the 
current Templates sites was developed this way (i.e., you can reinstall 
it and get a new Templates site) but the current Extensions site wasn't 
(i.e., to reinstall it you need to copy over the whole extensions 
database too and then try and clean it up properly).

2) For those preferring to use other tools than Drupal, the protocol 
should still allow others to build their repositories/catalogs with 
tools of their choice, but it would be good and helpful to provide the 
Drupal 7 site as "reference implementation" and document it properly.

3) The community would need free access to statistics. It is very 
important for us to know how extensions are downloaded and updated. The 
current statistics are not very reliable due to caching and the multiple 
attempts needed to download an extension. Would SourceForge be available 
to share download figures and other statistics with the community?


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