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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Seeking Bugzilla Admin Volunteers
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 22:18:10 GMT

On Jan 16, 2012, at 12:34 PM, Rob Weir wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 15, 2012 at 10:05 AM, Dave Fisher <> wrote:
>> On Jan 15, 2012, at 1:49 AM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>>> Rob Weir wrote:
>>>> Did you read anyone say that current privileges are going to be
>>>> dropped?  I certainly did not say that.
>>> No, but that was a doubt I had: in the process of granting new privileges, it
might be that someone notices that a lot of people already have high privileges, and that
this group includes people currently unaffiliated with the project. I was just making sure
that current privileges are not dropped now: this will still be an issue, but it can be dealt
with separately.
>> We need to have a common set of privileges for ALL committers. We should not have
to request it, it should be done.
> That is a curious statement, considering that:

For the BZ to be useful to the community it must be possible for any contributor to have sufficient
privileges to engage in the process.

In the project's that I work on like Apache POI everyone has BZ rights to create issues and
change status. AFAIK it is very open and very helpful and actually leads to valuable conversations
with users. Even if some are similar to a no its not a bug yes it is. No matter.

You are allowed basic rights to open, comment, update and close JIRA issues at Apache. Admin
rights are special.

BTW - an open BZ provides another path for contributors to get attention and possibly become

> - committers are not automatically subscribed to ooo-private.

So far, every committer is given the opportunity to do so. And it is exceedingly easy.

> - committers are not automatically list moderators.  They need to request it.
> - committers are not automatically blog editors.  They need to request it.
> - committers are not automatically wiki editors or admins.  They need
> to request it.

How much use has the project made of OOODEV cwiki vs. OOOUSERS cwiki? One is by request and
the other is open to anyone.

IMO we should ask Infrastructure to drop OOODEV.

> - committers are not automatically forum editors or admins.  They need
> to request it.
> So far as I can tell, the only thing that happens automatically for
> committers is SVN access. And even that is not really automatic.

I watch the Infrastructure ML. It is part of the workflow when the PPMC requests the committer's
id. An incubator committer is a more difficult setup than a TLP committer, there is an extra
step for Apache CMS permission.

> Given the above, I had no expectations that Bugzilla access for
> committers would happen without request.  Do you have a reason to be
> optimistic in this case?

We have our own, separate BZ that is NOT part of the normal Apache BZ. Perhaps it was missed
back in July, but we are responsible. That's the cost for keeping the old issue ids.

> And are you suggesting we wait for this to happen?

Given that we are accountable for this BZ we as the PPMC are responsible for its state.

>  Or would it make
> more sense to get a few volunteers, per my original note, and go
> forward with that for now?

Yes, I agree that we need to get some volunteers. We should define what we want our BZ admins
to do.

I would like to know the current mysterious closed policy and workflow in this custom BZ.
It really bothers me that we have no clue who has authority and who doesn't. We are responsible.

I would like to discuss what the policy should become.  IMO - Open up normal, non-admin permissions
to all of the project's committers. Also, open normal permissions up to the community as a
whole. If someone abuses their privileges then remove them. The BZ admin will need to deal
with Spammers.


> -Rob
>> The PPMC should decide what the normal set of privileges should be for the general
community as well.
>> Maybe as another thread this will noticed.
>> I am really glad I rejected using BZ to discuss the website a few months ago since
no privileges with the AOO BZ have been assigned to anyone who wasn't with the former project
yet former members who have not continued with this project still have privileges.
>> This is a huge issue and ought to be addressed this week.
>> Regards,
>> Dave
>>> Regards,
>>>  Andrea.

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