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From drew <>
Subject Proposal to close the Vietnamese Language User Forum
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2012 05:34:39 GMT

I was poked by one of the folks on the forums today with regards to the
Vietnamese Language site.

The site has been left without any native language supporters for quite
a while and is once again sprouting a nice growth of SPAM, with no real
usage by end users, at least not that I an see.

I would like to propose the following - barring any strong objections of

In the morning I'll start cleaning up the spam.

On Feb 2nd will take the following steps:

- Post a global announcement on the forum directly future requests for
help to the English language forum.

- Disable the ability to register new accounts.

- Lock all lists on the forum.

This will effectively close the forum.

The same proposal was posted to the Forum Governance board on the
English form a few minutes ago.

Best wishes,

Drew Jensen

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