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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Category-B tarballs in SVN (was Re: External libraries)
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2012 16:35:06 GMT
Please do not step down from the PPMC Pedro,
you have done good work here and it is very important
that the PPMC consist of such people going forward.

Creating a class of active committers who are not
on the PPMC will not help move this project closer
to graduation.  Let's please avoid that circumstance
over what appears to be a simple disagreement.

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> From: Pedro Giffuni <>
> To:
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> Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 11:31 AM
> Subject: Re: Category-B tarballs in SVN (was Re: External libraries)
> --- Ven 13/1/12, Jürgen Schmidt ha scritto:
> ...
>>  well that is a valid point that comes into my mind as well
>>  when I have read the mails and thought a little bit longer.
>>  If that is the only reason than we can move it besides
>>  trunk. But that is a technical solution only and it doesn't
>>  solve the underlying problem.
>>  And what is more important we can't exchange everything now
>>  and we can't remove all the features that depends on this
>>  category-b stuff. Otherwise the office is no longer useable
>>  and we can stop here or can kill the project directly.
> I am only asking for the technical solution. I think we
> have discussed sufficiently that replacing this stuff
> is possible but will take time.
> I am also not setting any time frame for moving those files.
> beyond that we should do it somewhen before release. 
>>  The whole discussion is not really motivating for project
>>  members and of course does not really promote the Apache way
>>  or the ASF in general.
> I agree it's not very motivating but in my defense it was
> something that had to be discussed sooner better than later.
>>  So we always have to take Windows into account and on
>>  Windows you don't have system libraries for this stuff.
> We can do packages of this stuff. It will even save time
> from building over and over again the same stuff.
>>  So please come back to reality.
>>  Juergen
>>  PS who will go demotivated into the weekend
> OK, this is something I really didn't intend. This was
> meant to be discussed on a strictly technical level
> without demotivating developers or calling "bloody
> murder" on the project.
> I hereby drop *any* claim that we may not be complying
> with any relevant policy. Also to give full assurance
> that I will not be problem to the project I will be
> stepping down from the PPMC so my vote will not be
> binding: I am really only interested in technical
> discussions anyway.
> Pedro.

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