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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Category-B tarballs in SVN (was Re: External libraries)
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2012 16:20:29 GMT

> From: Andre Fischer <>
>Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 11:09 AM
>Subject: Re: Category-B tarballs in SVN (was Re: External libraries)
>On 13.01.2012 15:59, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
>> --- Ven 13/1/12, Ross Gardler<>  ha scritto:
>> ...
>>> Can someone please explain why it is necessary to have the
>>> code here
>>> at all? Why is it not pulled from the upstream project?
>> It is there only for convenience: to make it easier to fetch
>> and maintain.
>> I think it's pretty clear we don't strictly need it under
>> version control. At SUN/Oracle it was kept in another
>> repository.
>Yes, in fact there are technical reasons for not putting it under SVN:
>- its mostly binary code for which SVN can not provide diffs
>- it does not change very frequently
>- if it does we do not need the old versions any more.
>But, as I have read many times now, it does not matter much where the 
>tar balls are placed, as long as it is an Apache Server.
>As long as that is true I opt for the convenience of putting them into 

I'm not sure the IPMC will be sympathetic to the idea that this is done
solely for the sake of convenience.  ASF's buildbot for instance is capable
of downloading source dependencies prior to building the software,
and you could even make it part of the build scripts to download 

Category-B sources before building them as part of AOO builds.

The IPMC tends to want compliance with what it considers best practice
for its podlings, and if that's not able to be met, clear and compelling
reasons for an alternative solution will be expected.

But you're on the right track in first determining what the actual consensus
of the PPMC is.  Please continue...

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