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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Category-B tarballs in SVN (was Re: External libraries)
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2012 14:42:57 GMT

--- Ven 13/1/12, Andre Fischer <> ha scritto:
> >
> > I think the issue is very easy to resolve: drop the
> > tarballs from SVN and provide sufficient instructions
> > so that the people doing the builds can download the
> > tarballs themselves: we even have nice ""
> > script to do just that.
> I am not quite sure that I understand the problem here.

Well perhaps I can explain it better as I *am* creating
source releases for my own personal use.

The normal way to build a source releases is to pull the
code from SVN (as described in the web page). This will
download category-A and Category-B software. Category-B
is not built by default but it is in the same directory
with Category-A software so I don't find a clear

Technically, we are indeed forking the mozilla code: we
carry the source tarballs and patches, so we indeed have
our own distributions here and that is a legal gray area.

FWIW, I use saxon prepackaged already an I will likely be
using theprepackaged beanshell so I don't need
those tarballs. Seamonkey takes too long to build and
nss involves security risks so this just adds bloat
to my sources. 

> Would it be OK to move the category-b tar balls to eg
> SourceForge or Google and just adapt the URL in the
> ooo.lst file?

I was thinking we should point users directly to the
mozilla foundation but I think an external site would
effectively solve the Category-B issues.

All just IMHO.


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