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From drew <>
Subject Re: EN Forum Activity Summary
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2012 01:21:28 GMT
On Fri, 2012-01-06 at 19:32 -0500, Rob Weir wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 5:56 PM, Hagar Delest <> wrote:
> > Le ven. 30 déc. 2011 09:57:45 CET, Andrew Rist <> a
> > écrit :
> >
> >> This is great stuff - any way this could be posted as a blog post on the
> >> main AOO blog?
> >>
> >> Andrew
> >
> >
> > Here is a proposal.
> > ___________________________________
> >
> > The Community Forum: New Year Status
> >
> > After 4 years of existence, the Community Forum has moved on the ASF servers
> > end of October 2011. Here are some figures about how we are doing on the
> > English forum. I will try to make this kind of report on a monthly basis in
> > the forum
> > (
> > but not on the blog. This post is just to announce it.
> >
> > Some history first. To make a long story short: fearing the disappearance of
> > the first forum ( due to spam especially, a group of
> > users decided to create a new forum managed by the users themselves. Topics
> > about the whole story can be found on both forums. By luck, Sun offered to
> > host the forum on their servers in Hamburg (for free) but our independence
> > was part of the deal. The forum has been tagged “official” rather wrongly:
> > even if we were on Sun then Oracle hardware, they both have never interfered
> > in the running of the forum and we are deeply grateful for that.
> > To manage the forum, a group of Volunteers has been settled. It was first
> > made of the users who departed from oooforum (some still contribute to it)
> > and then users have been integrated when their contribution showed a true
> > dedication to the forum (steady activity and quality of posts). We had a
> > private area (not visible by standard users) where the management of the
> > forum could be discussed like moderation, forum software features, … So the
> > forum is really managed by a group of users helping other users (for free,
> > on their spare time).
> I don't know if you saw it or not, but we already had a blog post on
> the forum migration:
> That dealt with the history, etc.   I think you could get straight to
> the "New Year Status".
> Also, I think we should avoid saying negative things about
>  Remember, they are part of our ecosystem as well.

Hello Hagar,

I like it.

Two things to add to the last emails, I think.

One - I think you could do without the second paragraph also, otherwise
for a first post (see below :-} long is ok I'd think, but I've often
been told all written material is made better, when shorter.

Second - I really would like to see you actually publish to the blog on
your own. I know that you have made a practice to put stats such as this
to the forum a few times a year, I like the usual attending graph. I
know it means setting up another account, but I think it would really be
nice if you could simply expand to include a blog post at the same time,
the same 2 paragraph and graph type post.

There is my editorial opinion :)

So, again thanks that's great.


> > Participation is really easy: just register and post your question! (a
> > search before is of course welcomed but well, we are prepared to the eternal
> > September). A survival guide is available, covering all the basic questions
> > a new forum user could have. And if you want to have your say, you can apply
> > for the Volunteer status. You can also subscribe to topics (no need to post)
> > to be notified when new replies are posted.
> > Note that the forum has never been a marketing tool. Our target is not to
> > promote OOo blindly but to give the best advice as possible to get the users
> > out of the trouble he is facing. Therefore, advising to keep other software
> > (including proprietary suites) is part of our replies.
> > The forum is also dedicated to OOo derived products and for them, the only
> > limit is the user base visiting the forum. Many of us run LibreOffice in
> > parallel for example.
> > Power users are OOo users like you and me, we usually use one or two
> > components much more than the others and we reply with our own experience
> > (trials and a kind of reverse engineering sometimes). Some have also great
> > skills for macros and give their code snippets (dedicated section). We are
> > from all over the world and the success led to the creation of other native
> > language sections.
> > As you can see, the forum is really a major part of the OOo project. The
> > dedication of the helpers has led to a steady rate of the registration as
> > you can see below. The figures start at day 1 when the creation of the forum
> > has been announced on the mailing list.
> >
> We could almost skip to this, with a brief intro.  Otherswise this
> post is very, very long and few will actually read this far.  Much of
> the other material above is good stuff, but you could make another
> blog post of that.
> > Some basics then:
> > - The number of posts, members and topics is taken from the phpBB
> > information bottom of main index page
> > - Solved topics are counted in all the forums except admin and archives
> > sections (not visible to standard users)
> > Note that the ratio solved topics vs. total topics is slightly biased since
> > the topics in the archives and admin sections are counted (in phpBB
> > statistics) but not the solved ones (custom search). However, there are less
> > than 550 topics there (in more than a 40,000 grand total, so less than
> > 1.5%). These last figures shouldn't change very much since the private
> > sections are not very active.
> >
> > Here it is (since the solved topics is a new metric, there is only one point
> > for the moment).
> > [img][/img]
> > The blue line (number of posts) is not that important, it just shows that
> > the trend is consistent with the other metrics.
> > The most interesting statistics are the red lines for the members and the
> > topics (with triangles, giving the time when the figures have been
> > recorded). Note that the ratio topics vs. members is 0.9 for the English
> > forum and above 1.5 for the French and Japanese forums. We tend not to be
> > too harsh for the rules on the English section and topics are not often
> > split when different users ask questions (still related of course) in the
> > same thread.
> >
> > Activity has a slightly higher slope during the first 2 years. It may be
> > linked to the building of the knowledge database. Once the main issues and
> > common questions have been discussed, users find their answers more and more
> > easily with a mere search, hence less topics needed.
> > Neither the release of LibreOffice (Oct 2010), nor the move to the ASF
> > servers (Oct 2011) have changed anything for the activity.
> >
> > The decrease in the number of members (end of 2011) is linked to the
> > cleaning of banned users. They had just been banned until now but to keep
> > only the "real users", their account has been deleted (nearly 1800). This
> > was the first cleaning ever done from the launch of this forum 4 years ago.
> > 1550 of them had been identified as spammers because of their post(s). 250
> > were passive spam (link in signature or interest field of the profile,
> > without any post).
> >
> > The ratio of the solved topics is rather good: 14,000 solved (green
> > triangle) in 41,000 (red triangles), that makes more than 1 in 3 (all users
> > don't bother to tag their topic as solved).
> >
> > For the record, last quarter has been in line with the rest: 2100 new users
> > from Oct 1st to end of this year, meaning 1800 new topics.
> > As for the spam, we have had 1800 users in 1500 days, it makes 1.21 spammer
> > a day, still rather low, thanks to the registration process (hard to cheat
> > for bots).
> >
> > Last figures: 2011 has shown an increase in the max number of online users
> > along the months. Peak reached 232 beginning of October. The counter has
> > been reset on Jan 1st 2012 and is already at 214, proving the audience is
> > still there.
> >
> > Some words about the team. Let's not forget Terry Ellison who was the main
> > maintainer of the forum until the move to ASF servers. His huge involvement
> > has made it possible for both a clean running of the forum during 4 years,
> > making it a great place for those needing/providing help, and contributing
> > to the transfer of the forum to the ASF servers with a minimal impact for
> > the users.
> > As for the Volunteers, 4 new users have been promoted in December 2011 (the
> > last approval was in April). Total is nearly 100 now.
> >
> > To conclude, the constant dedication of the Volunteers shows that they are
> > still eager to help users through the forum. We are now waiting for the next
> > release of Apache OpenOffice for a new bunch of questions and users...
> >
> > Hagar Delest,
> > On the behalf of the Forum Volunteers

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