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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [RELEASE]: help wanted to define default dictionaries for languages
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2012 01:14:17 GMT
If you look at the localization languages that are on the current list for built-by-AOO packages
as part of a release, that effectively identifies the *minimum* set of languages that writing
tools are required for.

In addition, some of the built packages cover other languages by default simply because it
is common to want to *author* in some other languages even though the UI localization is for
that of the built package.  For example, the English-language 

So there is a known set already, at least for an essential minimum.  There are, however, writing
aids for more languages and dialects than there are UI localizations.

Of course, any localized package can have its writing aids augmented beyond any bundled ones
by user download of additional extensions and templates, including the writing aids for other
languages (and localizations too).  

 - Dennis

TECHNICAL NOTE: Currently, instead of packaging the relevant .OXT files in the binary and
silently integrating them, the built-in-ones are shipped in a pre-integrated form.  There
is some worthwhile simplification if the copy stored in the install location were kept as
the .OXT with the content cached the same as for an user-installed .OXT.  (The bundled .OXT
could still be locked down the way the pre-integrated form is now.  User-installed .OXT files
are unloaded into a cache without retention of the .OXT in the application.)

This would also improve the clean separation of any non-Apache-licensed material among the
.OXT artifacts.

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From: RGB ES [] 
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2012 14:44
Subject: Re: [RELEASE]: help wanted to define default dictionaries for languages

2012/1/16 J├╝rgen Schmidt <>

> Hi,
> [based on the assumption that we get the approval to bundle the
> dictionaries/thesaurus with our binary releases]
> I am not really familiar with thwe dictionaries/thesaurus and would like
> to ask for help to define a list of default dictionaries/thesaurus for each
> language if possible.
> Based on this list we have to work on a mechanism to include the
> dictionaries in our binary releases.
> I think about a simple list where we define the default dictionary for
> each language. Something like
> de -> (German (de-DE frami) dictionaries),**
> <name of download file>
> de-DE -> (German (de-DE frami) dictionaries),*
> ***5092<>,
> <name of download file>
> de-AT -> (German (de-AT frami) dictionaries), link not available- network
> error, <name of download file>
> de-CH ->  (German (de-CH frami) dictionaries),
> ****5091<>,
> <name of download file>
> en -> (English dictionaries with fixed dash handling and new ligature and
> phonetic suggestion support),**
> <name of download file>
> en-US -> (US English Spell Checking Dictionary),
> <name of the download file>
> ...
> ...
> [this example list is based on wild guessing and browsing the available
> dictionaries in the ext repo,**
> I propose that we collect this list in the wiki first and prepare later on
> a simple text file that we can check-in in svn for the build process. As
> place for the wiki page I suggest a sub-page under
the name "Bundled Default Language Tools" or so.
> We need also a volunteer who analyze the mechanism to include these
> extensions in our binary releases ...
> Does this make sense or does anybody have a better idea how to move
> forward with this?
> Juergen
The Spanish thesaurus and hyphenation patterns can be found here:
The spellchecker dictionary can be found here:
but I need to do some tests: I have problems installing it on recent dev


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