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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Couldn't enter login status on service wik after longin
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2012 05:05:38 GMT
I see the same thing when I attempt to use the Login on that QA/TestResults page.  My login
is accepted but I am not shown as logged in and the Edit tab does not show up.  This seems
to be very specific to that page.

 - Dennis


If I navigate to the Main Page via the Navigation sidebar, I am shown as logged in and the
edit tab is present.

Also, if I use the "<QA" link I get to and
I am show as logged-in there also.

Also, on the Page History, Lilyzhao is shown as having made the last change on 19 December
2011.  I also see that I am logged in when viewing the Revision history of "QA/TestResults".

IF I LINK TO THE LAST VERSION IN THE HISTORY the Edit Tab is present and it appears to work.
 I made a simple Edit and it was published. Yu can see it in the history.  

But the current page is not updated.  

I then changed the URL to
and I saw the page I changed in the edit view.  I saved it without changes but the main page
still did not update.

I did that again making some trivial changes.  I could see it in "Show Preview."  I could
submit it. It is now in the history.  But it doesn't show as the default page.

Something is stuck.

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From: xia zhao [] 
Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2012 18:43
Subject: Couldn't enter login status on service wik after longin

Hi all,

I am working on AOO 3.4 testing, and I need post my test result to below page:

After login, I still be kept with unlogin status and couldn't edit this page.

Who can help to take a look? Thanks!

Best Regrads


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