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From "Gianluca Turconi" <>
Subject Re: old colored vs new monochrome icons
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2011 09:46:04 GMT
In data 16 dicembre 2011 alle ore 05:14:46, Dennis E. Hamilton  
<> ha scritto:

> The names "OASIS", "OpenDocument", "Open Document Format"
>    and "ODF" are trademarks of OASIS, the owner and developer
>    of this specification, and should only be used to refer to
>    the organization and its official outputs.  OASIS welcomes
>    reference to, and implementation and use of, specifications,
>    while reserving the right to enforce its marks against
>    misleading uses.  Please see
> for above [sic]
>    guidance.

In that page it's written: "OASIS welcomes references to, and  
implementation and use of, its specifications. In cases where there may be  
some confusion about source or authenticity, such as any incorporation of  
an OASIS mark into some other product, service or organization name, OASIS  
will ask the user to include a clear acknowledgement notice of the use of  
OASIS trademarks in three places; the primary web page referencing the  
named item, the principal written promotional collateral about it, and any  
press release regarding it, such as the following "OASIS", ["SAML" and  
"Security Assertion Markup Language" ] are trademarks of OASIS, the open  
standards consortium where the [SAML] specification is owned and  

If I read these paragraphs literally, by using ODF icons without  
fulfilling the quoted conditions AOO will infringe OASIS trademark policy.

It seems another little task of IP clearance... :'(


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