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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: About Team
Date Fri, 23 Dec 2011 20:07:28 GMT
	Hi Götz,

On 23.12.2011 20:23, Götz Wohlberg wrote:
> Hi Armin,
> Am 23.12.11 20:00, schrieb Armin Le Grand:
>> Hi Götz,
>> On 23.12.2011 19:37, Götz Wohlberg wrote:
>>> Hi Pedro,
>> [..]
>>> (2) Finding service customers at this point in time is also not
>>> promising as AOO 3.4 is not out yet.
>> Why don't you just help doing that? Waiting for it will not make it
>> happen earlier. It would show the world that you have an active roll
>> in OpenOffice development, also to your possible customers. It's also
>> a goal of your organization, isn't it?
> All good points but I'm not relaxed as you are because you have a
> sponsor and a salary - I don't.

I know that and I did not want to offense You. I'm happy that I can 
continue to support AOO, in the name of a new sponsor. This fits well 
with my goals to make the office better for everyone (esp. Drawinglayer 
:-)). I hope the best to you and that it may help you too (hopefully not 
too late) when we are able to bring out AOO3.4.

> If we can't convince customers, get
> donations or find sponsors, I just can't afford to be here any longer!
> It's as easy as that. Just help doing AOO 3.4 would be nice, but won't
> bring any funding for us. We won't be here when AOO 3.4 comes out. We
> need funding now!

I had hoped that you already got some donations, at least to have some 
more time. I also know that we were not simply thrown out (there are 
some rights for employees in this country). Of course you are free to 
decide how to spend your efforts.

I'm just dreaming of working closer together with you and other former 
colleagues. Maybe I'm too egoistic with that, but it's just a wish.

I could just not suppress my thoughts that we could be closer to a 
release candidate when we would have joined forces early. I also think 
it could have avoided some headaches on all sides. I'm sure you have 
taken into account this possibility early and it's chances for showing 
active development on 3.4 and to find sponsors evtl. by the possible 
public effect of this, but decided not for it. I can imagine requests 
for donations on your side accompanied with statements like 'Support us 
supporting AOO3.4, see here what we have done so far: 
<links>...<links>'. This would be appealing to everyone, hopefully 
leading to more

Just my 2ct...

> Best wishes!
> Goetz

Goetz, all the best to you and the others.

>> [..]
>>> My best wishes to you and a happy Xmas!
>>> Goetz
>> Same from me. Have a good time!
>> [..]
>> Sincerely,
>> Armin
>> --
>> ALG


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