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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Too many lists
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2011 13:53:41 GMT
2011/12/15 Jürgen Schmidt <>:
> On 12/15/11 7:36 AM, Ross Gardler wrote:
>> On 15 December 2011 04:33, Raphael Bircher<>  wrote:
>>> Am 15.12.11 00:26, schrieb Ross Gardler:
>>>> I'm really concerned about the tendency of the AOO project to keep
>>>> proposing and seriously considering new lists (well that is probably
>>>> over stating it, but I am genuinely concerned).
>>>> Each time you create a list you separate the community from itself. It
>>>> should not happen until there is a proven need for it. Splitting the
>>>> community in this way leads to questions like "which list should this
>>>> be on" and subsequently "which list should I search to find the answer
>>>> to this".
>>> If you have only one list you endup with the question. "Wich E-Mail
>>> should I
>>> read and wich not". I for my person read a mailing list with about 30
>>> mails
>>> per dey.
>> I agree, but my point is that we are not anywhere near 30 mails per
>> day on, for example, I10n.
> exactly i think less people make use of the tags we introduce months ago.
> See
> We also agreed that the list of used tags should grow over time and should
> be extended to new discussion topics/areas.
> Before we create a new list we should first use the approach of clear tags
> to focus on specific discussions. With this approach it's very easy to
> control which thread is worth reading or where you are interested in.
> How about [l10n] for localization specific discussions.
> And [??] for everything where people would like to have a separate list over
> time if the traffic will grow too much.

That might be a good way to demonstrate the need for a new list.

1) Start as a subject tag in threads in ooo-dev

2) Do that for a month

3) If you can demonstrate an average of 10 posts per day with 10
active people on this topic, then make a proposal for a new list.

Note that this is not an unreasonable goal.  For example,
ooo-marketing has 61 subscribers but we still get criticism that that
list was unnecessary.  But the traffic level is low.  Personally, I
think that is OK.  There should be a way for someone to get involved
in the project without the time commitment needed to read 50 emails a
day, or at least sort/filter through 50 emails/day.  I personally
don't think we need to have only One List to Rule Them All.  But I
also want to avoid having 300 dead lists like OOo ended up with.  So
let's not be afraid of making new lists, but let's be afraid of making
them too early or before there is demonstrated need.  And I think a
month of 10-posts per day average with 10 participants is a
reasonable.  Especially if we're starting out on a new topic, there
should be plenty of emails if there is truly interest.


> Juergen
>> The use of good subjects helps people decide what to read (especially
>> if tags are used as previously discussed).
>> Yesterday I read "lets use the marketing list more" (or words to that
>> affect). Why was the list created if it was not going to be used?
>> How did OOo get to hundreds of unused lists which we get accused of
>> not mailing about the move to AOO because people had fallen out of the
>> habit of reading them because nothing important ever happens there.
>> Read my mail again, I didn't say *never* create new lists.
>> Ross

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