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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: About the Former Native Language projects
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2011 15:57:27 GMT
On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 6:36 PM, Michael Bauer <> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I admit to mostly lurking but kinda feel compelled to chip in at this point.
> First off, I'm "just a translator", I came to OO late in the day to
> resucitate the Scottish Gaelic localization which had fallen format. I have
> no coding skills, at least none at the level needed to contribute code, so I
> consider my skills in translation my contribution. As such, I usually have
> little interest in the direction projects such as OO, Mozilla w/e take,
> code-wise or politically, except for trying to promote translator-friendly
> localization processes.
> The impending rift and eventual split took me completely by surprise.
> Literally. One day I had been translating away in Pootle, the next day it
> was dead and it took a lot of googling to eventually figure out what had
> been going on. I'm just glad I had taken a backup the day before, I don't
> know how many nascent projects have had their entire work frozen on Pootle
> since. Which is why I felt a little irked by the suggestion someone made
> that interested NL projects could "come forward". If it hadn't been for
> someone's blog post I came across eventually, I *still* wouldn't know that
> OO had "shifted" to Apache. I suspect very few NL projects will have come
> forward because for a long time it was not obvious to people not hooked into
> the develpment mailing lists (conjecture, mylord) that that's what happened.
> Apart from spam, nothing has ever been posted on the l10n list which was the
> only list I had subscribed to for the above reasons.
> So if "we're" supposed to step forward, perhaps someone should let the l10n
> list subscribers know?

I did send a note to the i10n tools list back in November:

But the i10n dev list looks dead.  I don't see any new posts there
since September 2009.

I can send the same note there, if we think there are other lurkers on
that list still.


> My main concern are the Gaelic users, however few those may be, who are
> still stuck on 3.01 and who know nothing of this break, apart from the fact
> that the extensions site has been going offline regulary. So I'd like to
> find some way of completing the localization - which should be relatively
> easy as I completed it over on LO, so they can finally update to whatever
> version is next.
> Salude e trigu,
> Michael
> And incidentally, translation *is* a technical skill - it just doesn't
> involve code dancing across the screen ;)

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