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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: AOO How-tos
Date Sun, 18 Dec 2011 16:04:25 GMT
On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 6:37 AM, Jean Weber <> wrote:
> Similar to my note about the FAQs, there is a collection of how-tos on
> the OOo wiki. These also need to be checked to see if they are out of
> date.
> That page is also a good place to check if you're thinking of writing
> a how-to; perhaps it already exists.
> What other how-to's or FAQs do you think are needed? You can either
> just write one (no need for permission) or make a proposal if you'd
> like to discuss it before charging ahead. Some coordination is a good
> thing, as long as it doesn't mean everyone talks about what we
> "should" do and never actually does any of it. :-)

Maybe good to think of this in three categories:

1) What needs to be updated purely based on the move to Apache?  Any
URL's or email addresses that are now wrong?  Anything factually
incorrect?  Anything that should be added to answer common questions
we are receiving related to the move and changes stemming from that

2) What needs to be updated based on the upcoming 3.4 release?  Did
anything come up in the beta that deserves an FAQ?  Do we see  any
thing from the forums or user lists that is new and should be covered?

3) General and ongoing clean up and further work on new and existing FAQ's.

I can help on #1.

> In fact, I suggest people have a wander around the Docs wiki to get a
> feel for what's there. Note that we stopped providing a wiki version
> of the user guides because there weren't enough people to keep them up
> to date... but that does not dictate what we do in the future. But
> this is one of those topic areas that really needs discussion IMO, and
> that discussion belongs on the ooo-dev list at Apache.
> --Jean

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