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From Zhe Liu <>
Subject Re: Help wanted for a better "Help Wanted"
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2011 01:25:48 GMT
As a newcomer, after reading the out-of-date short "Help Wanted" page
and other materials,  I still have no idea where I can help the
project. A detail task is helpful for me to get started.

2011/12/1 Rob Weir <>:
> I had someone contact me off list asking how they could help with the
> project.  The person pointed this this page, but noted it appeared out
> of date:
> Indeed it is :-(
> How could we improve on this?
> Some options (and I'm sure there are others):
> 1. Use the wiki, but keep this more up to date.  This is easy to
> maintain for us, but doesn't scale that well after we get past a few
> dozen items.
> 2. Use Bugzilla.  Have some way of marking an issue by level of
> difficulty, or ones that are especially good for new volunteers.  Have
> a query that can pull up these issues.
> 3. Use an external service, like OpenHatch:
> ("An open source community aiming to help newcomers find their way
> into free software projects."
> This could be used in conjunction with #2, to promote volunteer
> opportunities via their aptly named "volunteer opportunity finder".
> You indicate what BZ keywords indicate "bitesized" issues or
> "documentation" issues and these are advertised for volunteers to see.
> We didn't have BZ set up when I added the "help wanted" page to the
> wiki back in June.  So maybe the best approach is some combination of
> 2 & 3?
> Any thoughts?
> I'm willing to help.  But I'd need some BZ admin assistance.
> -Rob

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