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From Jean Weber <>
Subject FAQs for AOO
Date Sun, 18 Dec 2011 11:25:18 GMT
There are quite a lot of existing FAQs on the OOo wiki. Someone was
organising and sorting them and (I think) working through them doing
updates. (I have no idea if that someone is still around.) Anyone
wanting to work on FAQs should probably become familiar with what's
already there (at least in one of the topic areas) and either continue
the work or make a counter proposal. This is a typical page, showing a
prominent "this may be out of date" notice:
I don't know how many pages have that or a similar notice, or now many
should have that notice but don't. I've not paid much attention to the

Further discussion about this work should take place on the ooo-dev
list at Apache (or at least copied there). dev@docs will be going
away, and there may be people interested in FAQs that aren't on
ODFAuthors, because FAQs have not been handled there for some years.


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