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From "" <>
Subject Adding some help to Openoffice
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2011 13:10:14 GMT
Good morning,
Not knowing how to find an OpenOffice more appropriate contact, this is the
most immediate i found, so please forward it to someone who can really do
something. Two questions arise from the use of either the Writer or the
spreadsheet. I'm sending you two files that weren't opened by them, or were
but in bad formatting. The spreadsheet file has, i think, a macro that the
Calc is unable to make it function properly. The other document was about
to make me lose an opportunity of getting a job, because it is part of a
job application and i even wrote to them saying there was something wrong
about the file... when, in fact, a month or more later, by chance, i opened
it with a Microsoft Office viewer... I just want you to make the OpenOffice
a better software.
By the way, one more thing: Your spreadsheet is far more worse than the
microsoft's as to conditional formatting is respect, far more complicated.
Thank you,
paulo sanchez

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