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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject [WWW] Changeover is Close - Final Tasks!
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2011 06:55:27 GMT
Hi Everyone,

The version of is ready for review before migration.
There are several last issues for people to review.

(1) What news stories should we have on ready for migration on /index.html?

(2) /mail_lists.html needs review and/or redirection to the podling site. Please help.

The email subscribes, unsubscribes and links have been updated for:

ooo-users		for user@oo.o
ooo-dev			for dev@*oo.o and discuss@oo.o
ooo-announce 	for announce@oo.o
ooo-marketing	for dev@marketing.oo.o
ooo-utenti		for utenti@oo.o (is this correct? it should be ooo-utenti-il...)

Other addresses will continue to function. That is a different migration for
another discussion.

(3) /about/index.html and related need review and editing to fit the realities of being at
the ASF. Please help.

(4) needs review - it is where
users will go. Please help tell the AOO projects story!

(5) What do we do about email archives of

The archives are accessed through servlets on Kenai. These will become 404s when we change
the DNS. Are the archives available elsewhere? GMane. These links are all over.

(6) We will be changing references to Projects and Project Leaders to Teams and Team Leaders
(thanks Kay for the idea! it's not perfect..).

It is a question for the project about what to do with the "Team Leader" category and the
name. There is probably consensus to eliminate "Leaders". I do think it is worth retaining
this information until it is determined if the individuals mentioned contribute to the AOO(i)
project. We can play with this after migration, but it would be good to be consistent for
the start.

(7) What else?

I am expecting that email aliases will not be disabled by migrating the
site to the ASF.

All other issues are minor and can wait, at least that is my opinion. Yours may differ!

Native Language versions of the top navigation and adjustments to those rules can wait. There
are choices, but migrating is more important!

Best Regards,

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