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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: [WWW] migration least I think so
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2011 14:56:59 GMT

On Dec 1, 2011, at 11:31 PM, Zhe Liu wrote:

> 2011/12/2 Dennis E. Hamilton <>:
>> Careful please.  When the domain name is moved, the new site will have the URL of
the old site.  Don't make any absolute URLs to ooo-site.  If you mean that there need to be
some references updated to point to the developer site (not ooo-site's web presence), that
>> I still recommend that most of that wait until after the move and this can be done
systematically.  For now, there is no release to apply the new development site too and it
can be worked up gradually, it seems to me.
> Agree. After systematically doing it, manual effort can be reduced.

There will be some systematic changes to ooo-site urls this weekend. If you go to
you can see that the systematic changes are not yet applied. When the top level links go to
/qa instead of you'll know when it will be productive to start making changes.

>> I'm not sure what it means about out-of-date QA material though.  Keep in mind that
there may still be an OO.o 3.3.1 release.
> There are some content and links about TCM, QUASTe etc.These services
> have been unavailable, so I think these content should be updated or
> removed.

Yes, QA does need a lot of work. Particularly the part that leads into Bugzilla.


>>  - Dennis
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>> From: Zhe Liu []
>> Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2011 21:14
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: [WWW] migration least I think so
>> Great!
>> The new site has many dead links (some points to the old site) and
>> out-of-date content.  I volunteer to fix them.  I can start from the
>> QA part, because I'm QA.:-).
>> 2011/12/2 Kay Schenk <>:
>>> I am finally DONE with the huge migration/update to
>>> I saved one of the biggest to last
>>> The total size of this repository is: 8.2G
>>> so you need to be aware of this as well as lengthy checkout  times the
>>> first time around.
>>> I may have some minor clean-up on DOS line ending files that didn't get
>>> committed the first time through, but I anticipate this will be less than
>>> about 20 commits.
>>> Thanks for your understanding if you were trying to do checkouts this past
>>> week or so.
>>> PLEASE let me know if you run into any lock out or other file omission
>>> problems with any areas (I think I took care of the N-L areas a few weeks
>>> ago but I may have overlooked some), I will take care of this.
>>> This DOES NOT include the legacy "incubator" sites.
>>> Now on to other things.
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>>> MzK
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>>>  by the way its animals are treated."
>>>                              -- Mohandas Gandhi

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