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From "Marco A.G.Pinto" <>
Subject Re: EN Forum Activity Summary
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2011 15:07:21 GMT
On 30-12-2011 14:50, Rob Weir wrote:
> Thanks for that.  It is very interesting, and shows that the Forum
> volunteers have not lost any momentum in the transition to Apache.
> This is great news.
> A question for you:  Are you getting any feedback on the 3.4 beta
> release?  Or are you only getting questions on the 3.3.0 release?
> I'd love to have some sense, from real users, of what they think the
> top 5 issues are with the 3.4 beta, so we can make sure they are
> addressed before we release.  We don't get that kind of feedback on
> the ooo-dev list.  If we just listened to posts here we'd get the
> impression that the only thing users care about is the color of the
> icons.  I wish that were true, that everything was perfect in
> OpenOffice except the icon colors.  But I suspect we might have some
> bugs as well ;-)
> Is there any easy way to gather this kind of info from the forum members?
> -Rob

Rob, I have several bug reports and suggestions for OpenOffice but I am 
waiting for an official Apache release so that I may test the documents 
whose formatting used to get damaged and see if some of the suggestions 
I had in mind were already applied.

For example: I had a university .DOCX file sent by a teacher that, when 
open with OOo, the image in the footer would become damaged (stretched).

I am just waiting for the right time, then you can be assured that I 
will start writing.

Kind regards,
 >Marco A.G.Pinto


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