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From TJ Frazier <>
Subject Re: Early User-QA Engagement (was RE: Ip Clearance: 1st version of Svg replacement available)
Date Mon, 26 Dec 2011 21:11:05 GMT
On 12/26/2011 15:06, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> I think that is a good idea with regard to a lot of feature adjustments, and especially
the SVG one.  It would be useful to blog or wiki both a view of how it is brought along and
a view of how folks can participate in confirming the operation of features and other changes
in these early technology builds.
> Are bug reports going to be accepted against nightlies and technology/developer builds
that are now being made available to those who know where to find them?  There are the builds
that Ariel has made and there are the builds that Raphael makes available as well.
> If so, how will they be identified?  One suggestion is to use the latest SVN update number
applicable to the working copy when the build was made.  That seems like a simple enough procedure.
 There are recommendations for additional details (such as a build date), but anything that
gets us a non-decreasing unique identifier between builds will work.
> For us to handle the QA, there needs to be some kind of scheme for this.  It is also
important to not expect folks to keep retesting the same things when there is no change to
them, so something helpful is needed for that too.
>   - Dennis
> [Anecdotal experience: When I noticed an early beta of LO 3.4.0, I tried it.  When I
noticed betas coming out at weekly intervals I threw my hands up and stopped testing altogether.
 Oddly, with AOO nightlies and individual committer builds being made available, I don't mind
so much, knowing that I will simply be behind and whether it is wasted or not depends on whether
somebody else noticed and it was fixed already.  I could apply that attitude to LO 3.5 and
WLO 3.3.1 but I am already running on overwhelm with AOO and it gets my first priority.]
Hi, Dennis,

For a peek at how the devs are JFDI, see:


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