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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Team OpenOffice White Label Office (powered by Apache Open Office)
Date Sun, 25 Dec 2011 10:21:22 GMT
On 22/12/2011 Pavel Janík wrote:
> I think the core issue here is "responsibility to users",
> "credibility of the product" and "bridging the gap between the last
> OOo and the first AOOo".

Exactly. And it could be that it's Christmas and good sentiments 
prevail, but I still see possible that this project and find a common understanding and fix the issues before 
a stable version 3.3.1.

As shown by reactions to the (quite unfortunate) press release, Apache 
OpenOffice and can be either significantly useful to 
each other or significantly harmful to each other. Their shared 
interests are so many that they can't ignore each other. Let's try to be 
mutually useful then. can bring a lot to the Apache OpenOffice project with 
little effort:
- Turn the Pootle server back on and allow migration of data
- Use their Kenai roles (or just knowledge) to help us in completing the 
infrastructure migration
- Find the much-needed TCM testcases so that, after checking with 
Oracle, we can use them for QA activities
- Tell us all details about the Single-sign-on at
- A lot more...

And, once the issues related to trademarks and misleading communication 
have been fixed, we could work towards 3.3.1 together. 
I'm not saying that Apache OpenOffice should authorize to use the trademark for an external release, I'd 
just prefer to use this (easy) release as an exercise for the Apache 
OpenOffice 3.4 release: it wouldn't be a waste of time, since we 
probably have several QA volunteers that need something to test before 
becoming involved with the project and we need to develop some 
lightweight QA processes, which could be faster if we have an actual 
version to release.

In the end this would allow:
- Users to get an intermediate 3.3.1 with security fixes 
and a transitional Apache branding (like " powered by 
Apache OpenOffice"), and be confident that they can migrate successfully 
to Apache OpenOffice 3.4 at due time.
- Apache OpenOffice to build a QA team and processes on the basis of 
some actual work to do, and use the expertise for the 
many small tasks above.
- to have a prominent role in this release and fix 
their communication campaign.

Of course I'm ignoring a couple of significant problems (licensing and 
hosting) which would need to be addressed, but the "starting fresh" 
concept can't work for a product with such a large user base.


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