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From André Schnabel <>
Subject Re: Pootle (was Re: About the Former Native Language projects)
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2011 23:04:03 GMT

Am 19.12.2011 13:38, schrieb Rob Weir:
> On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 12:39 AM, Dwayne Bailey <> wrote:
>> Small teams, small number of people wanting to make sure that OOo in
>> whatever form is localised.  The strings are almost 100% the same, at the
>> moment, between AOO and LibO.  So how to share resource between the two.
>> I don't want to waste people time translating the same thing twice. I also
>> want to make sure that the translations are consistent no matter where it
>> was translated, so sharing for consistency is important to me.
>> So the one issue is logistics of doing this, the other is the licensing
>> concern.

> I don't think that we can avoid having a divergence in translation
> strings.  New features added to LO will differ from new features added
> to AOO.  

I need to agree here - actually LibO has several features that AOO does
not have. But LibO UI has undergone some string changes as well - so you
even won't get 100% translation if you apply LibO translations to AOO.

> But the underlying terms we use to describe the UI and the
> basic application features will remain the same.  Terms like "pages",
> 'sections", "sheets" and 'fonts" etc., are not going to change.  So in
> that case, would a shared translation memory database help?

The setup at OOo was, that the full po repository was the translation
memory.  You seem to mix that with the glossary (which defines terms).
TM and glossary might seem similar for UI, as UI string segments are
normally rather short. Unfortunately - due to the complexity of the
software - the UI strings allone can hardly be used as translation
memory - they need to be accompanied with context information (location
in the code files).

e.g. Sheet has at least three different german translations, same with



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