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From André Schnabel <>
Subject Re: Lost localisation files?
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2011 21:51:38 GMT

Am 13.12.2011 14:35, schrieb Uwe Altmann:
> Hi Rob, Khirano
> Am 13.12.11 13:33, schrieb Rob Weir:
>> ...Now it is possible that we're missing Pootle-specific files or
>> databases for translation memory, etc.  If it wasn't checked into
>> version control, then we probably don't have it.  But it looks like we
>> have the actual translations.
> In this case it could be a good idea to contact André Schnabel
> ( from LibreOffice because since the old OOo days
> he is highly committed to these things and I'm sure he has copies of
> those files somewhere.

well just found that topic, reading over the list.

It's true, I used to do backups of OOo translations for several years.
But as (un?)fortunately the OOo pootle server became more stable in late
2009 I stopped to do so. I have no idea if anybody else did backups.

If translations had been lost or not can only be answered, after you
merged the .sdf files you got with the then current source code.
Remember that OOo 3.4 beta was in preparation, when Oracle announced to
drop business activity around OOo. Pootle went down few weeks after and
was never reachable again (all oracle l10n staff vanished from the lists
about the same time). Normally OOo betas did not contain translations -
so I have no idea if translations from pootle have been merged to sdf
files (and if so you still need toe correct CWS included in the code
contribution from Oracle).

The best answer to the question if AOOi lost localization files would be
"Good luck" :(

What I can say for sure is, that German localization will miss some 1000
words in UI and help, as we did not see a good reason to do all the work
at two places .



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