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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: How many languages will Apache OpenOffice support?
Date Sat, 17 Dec 2011 14:43:06 GMT
Am 12/17/2011 01:13 PM, schrieb Michael Bauer:
>> When the localization ratio is not high enough (we have to define this
>> limit), then we should only build a langpack for this language.
>> Otherwise you have, e.g., 30% localized UI and an English-only help.
>> This doesn't help any user.
> Yes, I agree that a cutoff is sensible though at present it's, from the
> localization point of view, hard to handle this sensibly because, even
> though a 50% translation may cover the strings most users use most often
> (i.e. Writer), it's very hard to tell which strings you should localize in.

This depends which strings were localized first. IMHO you cannot know 
what it is, except you ask everybody what they have done. Maybe you can 
see this with Pootle, I don't know. So yes, 50% could be OK when you 
know which parts of AOO are effected.

> Sorry if the questions is naive but can you define a langpack language?
> I never took part at that level with OOO. Are those languages without
> localized Help?

Yes and no. ;-)

When UI and help were >= 80 % we have built full install sets.
When help was less but UI still >= 80 % we have build langpacks.
Only when also UI was < 80 % we haven't done any builds for this language.

See here:

 > Just a question (and i have no answer) but more and more
> software I get doesn't use in-product Help but refers you to a Wiki etc.
> Might it not make sense to consider making in-product Help optional and
> referring to a Help website for the most part?

Yes, this could be a good option. Maybe it's even better as a Wiki can 
be kept much better up-to-date. But it has to be a read-only area for 
the normal user were only the doc writers have permissions to modify the 

> Secondly, a more sensible, slimline install would certainly sound sense
> to me. It's been a while since I did the install but if I recall
> correctly, you actually download the English install with all the
> langpacks and then have to manually pick your language. Which is

No, thats not correct. Just choose the full install for your favorite 
language from the download webpage:

If it's only available as langpack, then you have to first choose a full 
install build (normally it's English) as a langpack contains only the 
language ressources but not the actual program.

> bonkers. If I've selected Tamil as my language of choice, then I don't
> need my bandwidth cluttered up with the other 50 languages. I should
> *only* get Tamil, with no further messing about. The full pack only
> makes sense if you're installing more than one language at the same time.

I've no clue were you got this information from but it's not correct.
For your example you have to choose only one full install package first 
and then you can download the langpack for Tamil.

> That to me would be the two most obvious ways of saving space and
> bandwidth, so
>> - Move help and other things into a separate download file. - Reduce
>> the doubled data and libraries in the package files. - Improve the
>> installer to download langpacks that the user wants. - etc.
> Amen to all of these!


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