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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: How many languages will Apache OpenOffice support?
Date Sat, 17 Dec 2011 02:21:23 GMT
Am 12/17/2011 01:58 AM, schrieb Michael Bauer:
> In passing, many smaller languages won't even try to do the Help files,
> so whatever % is applied for builds/releases, it should be independent
> i.e. 100% of the UI should result in a build/release, even if Help is at
> 0%.

When the localization ratio is not high enough (we have to define this 
limit), then we should only build a langpack for this language. 
Otherwise you have, e.g., 30% localized UI and an English-only help. 
This doesn't help any user.

At Sun/Oracle we have made the "How much l10n ratio is needed?" decision 
with the support of the NL teams. So, it wasn't that bad.

I don't know how the conditions are at Apache. But I think also here we 
have to take care about how much disk space is needed for a release.

For OOo 3.3.0 we had 41 languages with full install sets spread to 10 
platforms. Depending on the size per platform and language you will come 
to ~80 GB for the entire release:

Full install languages = 41
Average full install   = ~162 MB
Supported platforms    = 10 (incl. 2 with/without JRE)

Langpack languages     = 70
Average langpack       = ~21 MB
Supported platforms    = 8

OOo 3.3.0 RC release   = ~80 GB = (41 * 162 * 10) + (70 * 21 * 8).

When we would build full install and langpack builds for all lanuages, 
then we end up at ~125 GB.

So, when you take into account that it's just one application and one 
release, then IMHO this is too much and we have to limit the needed disk 
space as the mirror admins won't like this size for every new release. 
And when we get more languages (over time) it will increase.

Of course we can (and should !) improve the installer *) but this is a 
longterm job and IMHO not feasible even for 4.0.

- Move  help and other things into a separate download file.
- Reduce the doubled data and libraries in the package files.
- Improve the installer to download langpacks that the user wants.
- etc.


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