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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: How many languages will Apache OpenOffice support?
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2011 20:44:07 GMT
Am 12/16/2011 02:32 PM, schrieb Kazunari Hirano:
> How many languages will we support?
> How many platforms will we support?
> How many full installation sets will we provide for those languages
> and platforms?
> How many language packs will we provide for those languages and platforms?
> Will we provide full installation sets and language packs like this?

These are all questions that have no answer yet and I don't see 
qualified answers for the moment as we don't know who can build and test 
how many builds on what platforms.

E.g., does someone have a Solaris Sparc machine *and* is willing to 
build some dozends install sets *and* is able to do QA? If not, then 
Sparc is pretty fast out of the game.

The same for Solaris x86, however, it could be installed in a virtual 
machine but I don't know how to quality would be to use these install 
sets as an official release.

> They were built based on the following policy.
> "If UI (User Interface) and HC (Help Content) are
> translated around 80% in your language and your language localization
> data is available within CVS / SVN / HG, Oracle Hamburg
> team would build an install set of your language. If the UI is
> translated around 80% only a language pack will be built."
> Will we follow this policy?
> These issues will affect the setting up of Pootle.

I would suggest to import every byte of every language that we could 
get. Then we have the possiblity to offer some starting point to the 
respective NL community to go on with localization.

For a new release we can then see how much is translated and decide if 
it makes sense to release a specific language.

E.g., when you have a ratio of 40 % UI and 0 % Help for Klingon, does it 
make sense to release it? No, as more than the half of the UI is in 
English (as default language) and nothing in the help.

So, here we have to make some rules when a l10n release make sense and 
when not. For this the following criteria could be starting point:


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