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From Andrew Rist <>
Subject Re: My new OOo-Dev is aviable for download
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2011 20:47:14 GMT

On 12/15/2011 12:39 AM, Raphael Bircher wrote:
> Ok, I just updated the page. I added the information to the Linux 
> buildboot, and put a "testbook" on it. so Users can provide feedback :-)
I see that.  One thing me might start doing is making use of 
I will change the nightly build so that it identifies itself as the 
Apache OpenOffice nightly build - with a date stamp.
I think that identifying all of the development builds in the product in 
this way will be very useful later on identifying versions that 'get 
into the wild'.

> Question at all: Is sameone able to provide Windows builds?
We are getting close to the Windows nightly build.  Not there yet.
(after that you're up helping get the Mac nightly going ;-) )
(if you want to get started, you could look at Jira INFRA-4197 

check out the 'build recipe' for Win, and add the equivalent for Mac)

> Greetings Raphael
> Am 14.12.11 17:36, schrieb Oliver-Rainer Wittmann:
>> Hi Raphael,
>> it is great to see such download site - thanks for your engagement.
>> Especially, because we are approaching the "IP cleared" milestone, 
>> which I had proposed as an intermediate step on our development way 
>> to a release. It is time to get people start testing and to provide 
>> the possibility to have a look at what will be our first release.
>> Also, our nightly builds are up and running - not yet for all 
>> platforms. The results can also be taken to have a look or to test.
>> Best regards, Oliver.
>> On 14.12.2011 16:58, Raphael Bircher wrote:
>>> Hi at all
>>> I just finished my page on
>>> On this page i will provide my builds for Mac and I also provide same
>>> informations where potential testers should search bugs. Feel free 
>>> to download
>>> and test on Mac. Thanks!
>>> Greetings Raphael


Andrew Rist | Interoperability Architect
OracleCorporate Architecture Group
Redwood Shores, CA | 650.506.9847

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