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From Raphael Bircher <>
Subject Re: Too many lists
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2011 07:43:22 GMT
Am 15.12.11 07:36, schrieb Ross Gardler:
> On 15 December 2011 04:33, Raphael Bircher<>  wrote:
>> Am 15.12.11 00:26, schrieb Ross Gardler:
>>> I'm really concerned about the tendency of the AOO project to keep
>>> proposing and seriously considering new lists (well that is probably
>>> over stating it, but I am genuinely concerned).
>>> Each time you create a list you separate the community from itself. It
>>> should not happen until there is a proven need for it. Splitting the
>>> community in this way leads to questions like "which list should this
>>> be on" and subsequently "which list should I search to find the answer
>>> to this".
>> If you have only one list you endup with the question. "Wich E-Mail should I
>> read and wich not". I for my person read a mailing list with about 30 mails
>> per dey.
> I agree, but my point is that we are not anywhere near 30 mails per
> day on, for example, I10n.
l10n has also not started yet. The l10n work for the 3.4 is done. So 
l10n will start with the 3.5 again. For my point of view you have to 
start the list befor they have to work. They heve to find them self, to 
make the preparation etc. The same for NLC Projects.
> The use of good subjects helps people decide what to read (especially
> if tags are used as previously discussed).
> Yesterday I read "lets use the marketing list more" (or words to that
> affect). Why was the list created if it was not going to be used?
> How did OOo get to hundreds of unused lists which we get accused of
> not mailing about the move to AOO because people had fallen out of the
> habit of reading them because nothing important ever happens there.
You have also inactive mailing Lists at Apache. I think that's the 
nature of a project with 10 year history. Sametimes a ML is important 
for a part of the Time. MacPort is a good exemple for it. During the 
native port we have had about 200 and more mails per day, and a realy 
active IRC Channel. Now both is unused, because the big work is done.
> Read my mail again, I didn't say *never* create new lists.
I also not ask for 300 lists. But AOO is a big project who has also many 
local community. And this local community are important for AOO. And for 
this reason OOo need probabily same more lists as other Apache projects.

But the main point is that I beleve the "One Project, one community" 
philosophy will not work at OOo. You will ever have separated Groups, 
like Programmers, Translators, Doc Writers, etc. This separation is also 
not bad, as long you talk with each other.

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