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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: Configure and category B
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2011 16:31:22 GMT
Hi all,

here is an update.

The following libraries have category B license, the modules in which 
they are used in parentheses:

     seamonkey (moz)
     nss (nss)
     hunspell (hunspell)
     hyphen (hyphen)
     saxon (saxon)
     rhino (rhino)
     beanshell (beanshell)
     silgraphite (graphite)

I have added (locally, not yet checked in) a flag (working title still 
is --{enable|disable}-category-b).

When specified as --disable-category-b then all libraries are disabled. 
  Switches for individual libraries override this.

When specified as --enable-category-b then all libraries except 
seamonkey and nss are enabled.  Again, switches for individual libraries 
override this.

Seamonkey and nss are not enabled by this switch because of the large 
and complex set of switches available for these libraries.  There is no 
simple on/off switch.  More information is needed by configure to 
prepare building them.

I am planning on testing this a bit more (especially to make builds on 
Linux and Mac; I am working mainly on Windows), decide on a name 
(suggestions still welcome), and check in my changes on Thursday or 
Friday (depending on how well testing goes).

Best regards,

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