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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Setup of ooo-users-it and ooo-project-it mailing lists
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2011 00:51:02 GMT
On 13/12/2011 Shane Curcuru wrote:
> How much traffic do the existing Italian lists get?

The ones that we would map to the "users" list got a bit more than 1000 
messages in 2011 so far; the ones that we would map to the "projects" 
list got about 300, but is a mostly inactive project, so 
when there is something to do for volunteers (read it as: strings to 
translate for localizers and need for pre-release tests for QA 
volunteers) in Apache OpenOffice we will see far more activity in the 
"projects" list, so it would be good to have it from the beginning.

> While I definitely understand the desire to have some user focus to some
> of the lists (who are probably not very tolerant of lots of technical
> discussions), and have a place to discuss project issues, I'm really
> concerned that we're simply making more and more lists, and will end up
> like OOo was with too many lists.

Well, 12 to 2 is already a significant reduction in the number of lists.

The main problem is that we have two large, distinct, memberships: the 
overlap between the peer support ("users") lists and the volunteers 
("project") lists is limited to a few dedicated people, the others 
belong to either the "users" or the "project" area and merging the 
groups doesn't make a lot of sense, regardless of the traffic. It would 
be, obvious differences aside, like merging the Italian and French lists 
because the combined traffic is not huge.

So I'd still prefer that we map the existing dichotomy to two different 
lists, but if you or anyone else have a strong preference that we start 
with one list only, we can start with a "users" list and try to replace 
only a subset of the current Italian lists.


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