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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Setup of ooo-users-it and ooo-project-it mailing lists
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2011 16:15:35 GMT
How much traffic do the existing Italian lists get?

My first suggestion would be to create only a single list for Italian 
discussions about AOO, instead of two lists.  If the single list gets 
too crowded, then split it into two lists later - but only split it 
later if it's clear we need separate lists from the amount of traffic it 

While I definitely understand the desire to have some user focus to some 
of the lists (who are probably not very tolerant of lots of technical 
discussions), and have a place to discuss project issues, I'm really 
concerned that we're simply making more and more lists, and will end up 
like OOo was with too many lists.

But that's just my suggestion, and sorry, I don't speak Italian.

- Shane

On 2011-12-11 9:55 AM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> The Italian community relies on mailing lists (some with
> several hundreds subscribers) for user support, discussions and project
> coordination. While these are a legacy asset, I see it necessary that
> Apache OpenOffice provides a replacement for these lists as part of the
> infrastructure migration. Depending on the situation on Oracle servers,
> we might start using the new lists gradually or immediately.
> For the time being, we would map the existing (12) Italian lists to
> - A support list, named ooo-users-it at
> - A project list, named ooo-project-it at
> We will revise the list names when the project graduates; for the time
> being, I propose to use the "ooo" prefix for continuity and consistency
> with the existing lists, and to use "ooo-project-it" instead of
> "ooo-general-it" since it is much easier to understand for us.
> The three moderators of the Italian lists are available
> to continue their tasks in the new infrastructure:
> - Davide Dozza
> - Andrea Pescetti
> - Paolo Pozzan
> If there are no objections to the above proposal within 72 hours, I will
> invoke Lazy Consensus and will create a JIRA issue.
> Regards,
> Andrea.

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