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From Dwayne Bailey <>
Subject Pootle (was Re: About the Former Native Language projects)
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2011 14:27:05 GMT


Sorry this will appear out-of-thread as I've only just subscribed.

First, congratulations on setting up the Pootle server.  As a South 
African OOo localiser and a Pootle developer this is great news.

As Khirano said "It takes quite a bit of skill to set up the pootle 
server for use."

For the record, the last OOo Pootle server was setup by the organisation 
that develops Pootle - (I work for them).  We did this 
with an engagement with Oracle and it allowed us to optimise the server 
as well as change code to increase performance.  So an engagement that 
benefited all Pootle users.  I had hoped that that server would make it 
to Apache, but it seems not.

 From the look of it Apache might be using this server for more then 
just OOo which I love even more.  I'm not sure where to ask this but 
does Apache, or one of the corporate backers, want to engage with 
Translate to setup and maintain this server?  Sorry to sound like a 
salesman on this list but not sure where else I would ask this question.


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