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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Where are we on the website migration, ooo-site ->
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2011 19:00:01 GMT
Dave Fisher wrote:
> (1) Finish wrapping with breadcrumbs, topnav and folder specific topnav. Also license/copyright.
> (2) Approval from Trademarks.
> (3) Redirection list for subdomains. Kay you could help with this.
> (4) Participate link.
> Then co-ordination with Infra to do these:
> (a) Publish build for ooo-site.
> (b) Build VirtualHosts for subdomains.
> (c) Change public DNS for OOo.

What about web services? I assume that the single-sign-on in place at , for example, depends on 
something that is currently served from the domain (the 
same accounts are used for but they 
won't probably be used in the migrated site).

If the web services (or LDAP authentication, I don't know how it works 
internally) are not preserved, something will break for sure: 
Extensions, Templates, the (now defunct anyway) QATrack and I don't know 
what else.


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