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From TJ Frazier <>
Subject Re: replace and removal of Berkeley DB
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2011 12:25:03 GMT
On 12/9/2011 06:42, Herbert Duerr wrote:
>> You might want to test with the LilyPond extension
>> (OOoLilyPond-0.4.0.oxt), available on the extensions site. (As
>> background, think of it as the Math Engine, for writing music.) The
>> extension downloads and installs fine, but has problems with the update
>> check.
> Using LilyPond as a test case is a good idea, thanks!
>> Under 3.4Beta, the "every time" check doesn't happen (somebody fixed
>> it?). However, I get a crash when I try to check for updates.
> That crash is not related to the work on replacing the berkeleydb based
> extension manager,

Surely not, since I'm running OO.o builds, with berleleydb still there.

  but on the ongoing process of replacing neon with
> something different.

Was OO.o trying to replace neon as far back as 3.4Beta? If so, you're 
probably right. Otherwise, we may have two crashes.
> I'm working on fixing the crash and have to dig through the masses of
> code doing the update. Me being a simpleton would have implemented it
> with wget and some CRC and version checks, but that would apparently
> loose the many features people so admire from that very complex piece of
> update code...
> Herbert
Thanks for looking at this.

BTW, I should have mentioned that I run WV.


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