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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: replace and removal of Berkeley DB
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2011 11:42:06 GMT
> You might want to test with the LilyPond extension
> (OOoLilyPond-0.4.0.oxt), available on the extensions site. (As
> background, think of it as the Math Engine, for writing music.) The
> extension downloads and installs fine, but has problems with the update
> check.

Using LilyPond as a test case is a good idea, thanks!

> Under 3.4Beta, the "every time" check doesn't happen (somebody fixed
> it?). However, I get a crash when I try to check for updates.

That crash is not related to the work on replacing the berkeleydb based 
extension manager, but on the ongoing process of replacing neon with 
something different.

I'm working on fixing the crash and have to dig through the masses of 
code doing the update. Me being a simpleton would have implemented it 
with wget and some CRC and version checks, but that would apparently 
loose the many features people so admire from that very complex piece of 
update code...


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