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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: Build AOO on Ubuntu
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2011 08:30:01 GMT

On 09.12.2011 08:33, eric b wrote:
> Hello,
> Le 9 déc. 11 à 08:19, linyi li a écrit :
>> I downloaded source code from svn recently(by svn co
>> ooo), and T want to
>> build on Ubuntu followed the guide
>> .
>> But there is problem. After configure, I want to run"./bootstrap". But
>> I can not find bootstrap.
> bootstrap is no longer needed. The reason is that bootstrap role is to
> build dmake.

That is not quite true.  bootstrap has the following tasks:

- Download missing tar-balls (by calling the script. 
Now that ext_sources is part of the SVN repository they are only 
downloaded when ext_sources was not checked out.
Additionally the source code for dmake and epm are downloaded.

- Build dmake when no pre-build version is found.

- Fix access rights for some scripts (like solenv/bin/

So, it still has to be run.  It is created by configure and can be found 
in main/, right next to configure.  If it is not there then probably 
configure exited with an error.

> Because of the IP clearance, it has been decided to remove dmake and to
> use the system one instead. If configure succeed for you, things should
> be ok for you, and the only thing you have to do is
> source LinuxX86.... .sh
> dmake
> And the build should start as expected !

When all prerequisites are fullfilled then these commands are necessary 
to build OpenOffice:

cd <dir>/main
./configure <options of your choice>
source Linux<platform-id>
cd instsetoo_native
build --all

Here <dir> is the directory where the SVN source code was checked out to.

Call ./configure --help to see what options are available for inclusion 
into <options of your choice>.  --with-dmake-url= is a good candidate.

<platform-id> depends, well, on your platform.  There should be only two 
files starting with Linux.  Use the one that ends in .sh when you use 
bash, use the other one for csh.

Best regards,

>> Does anybody know how to continue?
> Please read above :-)
>> Thanks a lot.
> You're welcome :-)
> Eric Bachard

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